Somewhere in Saigon, where the only souvenir is the experience…

Did you know that beyond the major landmarks and main streets of Saigon, lies an amazing network of hidden alleys and tucked away markets? To enter into this urban maze is to experience Saigon the way the locals do, in the quiet charms of everyday life.

Join photographer Tanya Olander, founder of the popular Facebook page “Somewhere in Saigon” in her journey through a city of surprising delights, as she engages in friendly and informal discussions, while exploring Saigon beyond the major landmarks.

Appreciating the beauty that a city holds is about experiencing it close up.

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“Highly recommend [it] to get a true sense of living like a local. Professional, relaxed and extremely informative.”Beth Schultz

A Saigon few Foreigners See

For my “Somewhere in Saigon” project, I’ve chosen my favorite side streets, alleys and markets. Places that I’ve spent hundreds of hours getting to know.

If you, like me, believe that a place is best experienced through through spontaneous exchanges with locals, tasting new foods and engaging in “slow” travel as opposed to checking places of a list, then Somewhere in Saigon is for you.

Sounds Like My Kind of Experience!
“Somewhere in Saigon” always surprises us with its uniquely different and strangely beautiful views of Ho Chi Minh City we have never seen before.Schei Besche, follower of Somewhere in Saigon, Facebook
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